Business Computer Support Within Essex

IT Support for Businesses in Essex

Computer Support when you need IT

Running a business is hard enough without worrying about computer issues. This is where we come in, you can focus on your business and we will focus on making sure your computers are working for you.

From single issues such as a new printer or more complex setups such as cloud based backups and remote working.

How would you cope if your computers were stolen or damaged in an accident?

Most businesses are not protected in the event of a serious incident. Insurance is the easy part, however limiting business interruptions is not so simple without forward planning. 

Simple Pricing - No Hidden Charges

General Repairs, Upgrades and Support - We have a standard call out charge of £75 + VAT, this includes up to an hour on site for businesses within a 10 mile radius.

Most issues can be resolved within this time frame and typically a time frame can be determined over the phone prior to our visit.

Out of Area Support

If your business is located outside of our local area, we charge an additional £10 per 5 miles for the first hour. Additional hours are billed at our standard rate. 

Helping Hand - We are here to help

Sometimes, we understand that you just need a helping hand, nothing specific, just some simple guidance and reassurance. We are more than happy to visit you at home and answer as many questions as we can with no techno-babble, just plain English.

Additional Services

In addition to our IT support we also offer a variety of services for video creation and digital marketing as well as business signage and printed media.

Example On-Site Services & Pricing

All prices exclude VAT were applicable. Prices listed are examples and may vary depending on each job.