Client Case Study - Benson Motorcycle Training - Braintree

Website Migration

Benson Motorcycle Training

The Benson brand is synonymous with learning to drive. Benson Motorcycle Training is more 2 wheels than 4 (although they also provide driving lessons)

A well known local brand providing expert tuition and advice on every aspect of safe riding.

Their previous website was due for an update in a way that clearly explained the complexities of the UK Motorcycle Licencing laws.

The solution

New Website Build

Benson Motorcycle Training offer comprehensive training for all licences and aspects of safe riding.

It was decided that the website should contain specific details about each licence, making it easy for new riders to navigate the complex requirements often based on previous experience and age.


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The results

Images and Videos - New Website

Using a combination of short videos and information graphics we were able to break down the information in bite size chunks that are easy to digest.

The management service ensures that we keep on top of any updates and upgrades as required as opposed to these being missed.

The site is backed up any time the content is changed to cloud based ransomware safe backups.

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