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Shopify & Custom Shipping & Stock System

Sensory Needs

Sensory Needs, has a customer base that includes parents, schools, therapists & the NHS.

The online shop includes over 1000 individual items, covering a wide selection of products that support individuals with Autism and sensory conditions.

The site needed to be easy to navigate, contain a lot of information without overloading visitors as well as be easy to purchase.


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The solution

Shopify & Bespoke Design Elements

Shopify was the obvious solution for the eCommerce element. Providing a solid sales platform it provides the functionality required for a high usage eCommerce site including a high converting checkout.

We opted for a premium theme, providing increased conversions and functionality.

In addition to the standard product details, we created bespoke 360 videos + product displays to provide visitors a more detailed view of some of the products.  This included voiceovers to aid the visual elements.

In addition to the videos and 360 product photography, we included popup elements to show product specifics. This keeps the initial page clean whilst providing the relevant information when the visitor requires it.

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The results

Increased Sales, Increased Customer Retention

SEO rankings are solid and increasing month on month.

Potential leads are a weekly occurrence. The site is currently being re-worked to allow for a greater product range.

The bespoke Laravel portal is being rolled out to all customer bases and is under regular development to fit with the business and market changes.

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"Solve My Problem were able to take our existing aging website and bring it up to date. Implementing automation that reduces our administration overheads and helps us to do what we do best, sell cars.."

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